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Yes, you will be able to keep your existing number. This is done through a process called “porting”. Porting involves moving a number from your old carrier to your new carrier (Caricomm).
The process is fairly simple: it generally takes a few days. your downtime is minimal, is any at all. generally, the switchover happens and it takes effect at midnight, so we're able to make it happen in the middle of the night, though not always. Sometimes we get a notification from them in the middle of the day and we have to "flip the switch" then and there. but even in that case, if we do our job right, you won't skip a beat and even notice the interruption in service.
We take care of it; we’ll just need you to get us some basic account info.
The phones will work during a power outage if you have a battery backup on your network equipment. Otherwise we can route calls to your cell phone if there is an extended outage.
Yes, you can call out on both lines (or however many lines you purchased upon signing agreement). We get a notification if you try to call and there are no lines available. If this happens too often you can purchase another line for $39/month.
Yes, your primary contact will be the office personnel, who can take care of most issues remotely from the office, but if we need to go on site, we have a crew on island.
Generally, some version of a vanity toll free number is available. If not, general toll-free lines are available.
Credit cards require minimal speed. it’s like sending an email, but smaller. So no, it won’t be affected.
If your credit card processor is using a phone line to connect to process, and you switch to VoIP lines, you won’t be able to process anymore on that machine. But most credit card machines now have an ethernet connection so you can process via the internet which is a much faster way to process anyway. If your credit card processor can’t provide a terminal capable of processing via ethernet, Caricomm provides credit card services and can get you set up to process via the internet.
We've had systems run on speeds of 5 mb down and 2mb up, although the calls could get jittery at times. A good solid internet connection of 25 mb down and 10 up should be fine. NOTE: This should be determined on a case by case basis. An audit of your network and usage should be done by Caricomm to ensure you’ll have consistent, quality service.
Yes, if the service isn’t' working properly you can get out the contract. But really the only reason it wouldn't work is if the internet isn't working right.